Because Penticton is one of the bigger cities in the region, there are a lot of tourists and visitors that come to the city. With that in mind, you should expect the bars to be packed on the weekends.

The best nights to go out on the town are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Often times during the week certain bars will have special deals to bring in business. These deals include things like singles, doubles, or even a mug, as well as lowered prices on certain drinks.

A lot of the bars and clubs in the city also have live entertainment for the patrons. Typically, you won't have to pay a cover to get into the bars, (except on holiday weekends, but there are some bars throughout the city that do have drink minimums or other requirements. The drinking age in Penticton is 19. Very Important now. Bring your ID with you! Two pieces must be shown, one picture and one government ID (the laws are getting strict now).

Places to choose from as follows:

  • The Blue Mule Night Club
  • Barking Parrot
  • Best Dam Sports Bar
  • Bar One
  • Kettle Valley Pub
  • Barley Mill Pub
  • The Copper Mug Pub  

And for after the bar, there are only two choices for food: Denny's and the two Tim Horton's.  You can walk, but taking a taxi will get you there quicker.