Penticton has several cab companies that work both in and around the city limits. You can generally find the most taxis waiting by the airport or by the bus stations. You can also find a good amount of the taxis in the downtown area of the city. Typically, it will be very difficult to get a hold of a taxi during rush hour, as well as later on in the night. Because it is a city and there are a lot of professionals who need transportation to their jobs, it can be tough to get a hold of one. Still, Penticton is not a huge city, so it is not extremely difficult to get one. If you anticipate having a problem you can call ahead one of the companies and arrange for a pick up. The cost for a taxi ride is not too expensive, but if you continue to use taxis as a means of transportation it will end up costing you quite a bit of money.  There are now only two companies. The larger company is Courtesy/Klassic Cabs with 18 cars and the smaller one is Penticton Taxi.  As  Penticton is a resort type area,  in the summer time, taxis can be hard to come by, however if you don't call, you will have a harder time getting one. Flagging a cab away from the bars is not impossible but your chances of getting the cab are much better than in front of he bar. 

Both companies take credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

Please remember, you do need to wear your seatbelt in a cabChild seats are required for children under 3 and from 3-9 a child must be in a booster seat. IT'S THE LAW.

Open alcohol is not permitted in a cab, and smoking is not allowed in taxis either.

You should consider riding the public transportation system of buses, as it is cheap and easy to use. Please check the schedules as there is limited bus service especially in the evening

If you want to rent a car while you are in Penticton, you can do so from one of several agencies. You can rent a car at the airport from Budget Car Rentals.  The other car rental agencies in Penticton are Avis Rent-A-Car and Best Choice Car Rentals.