Penticton has a modern public transportation system that serves both the commercial neighborhoods as well as the suburbs surrounding the larger districts of the city itself. Penticton Transit has a modern fleet of low rise buses which are all handicapped-accesible. If you need assistance you can also request a special van to come and pick you up. There are routes and schedules on Penticton Transit's website.  All of the buses come equipped with bike racks, so if you are cycling and want to hop on a bus, you don't have to worry about crowding the other patrons.

Bus fares are $1.75 CAD per person per one-way trip (adult fare, as of Aug 2006), or $4 for an all-day pass (available from bus driver). Fares are reduced for senior citizens and students, no charge for children under 6. You can also buy a book of 10 tickets for $13 at the transit office, city hall, or community centre.