Overall, Penticton is a very safe city. Though it has grown considerably in size in the last quarter of a century, the crime rate has stayed consistently low. Of course, just like every city, there is a fair share of petty crimes and criminals that walk the streets. However, you do not need to fear for your safety while you are in town. If you are going to be out late at bars, it's best not to just wander down dark streets that you do not know. There are other things to keep in mind as well that every traveler should keep in mind. First, never just leave you wallet out on a table if you are in public. Anyone can come up quickly and grab it. Second, never leave your valuables behind in the room, even if you think they are hidden. You should also keep in mind that keeping your camera slung around your neck is a big sign that you are a tourist, and you should avoid this at all costs. Though these warnings may seem harsh, they are only precautionary measures. You are still going to be safe in Penticton.