The best way to get around is with a rental car. These are fairly cheap, and several agencies are available. It is a good idea to rent before arriving so that you can pick up the car at the airport. Anyone who is 21 years or older with a driver’s license (from any country) is allowed to rent, and everyone who will be driving must sign the rental form.

The speed limit in the Canaries is 90 km/hr (56mph), but this rule is often ignored, especially by taxi drivers, who, along with buses and pedestrians, assume that you will yield to them, so stay safe and do so, even if you should have the right-of-way. The roads are fairly good and parking is usually easy to find. The only drawback to rental cars is that often, the insurance will not cover you if you go off-road or to another island. It is a better idea to take a ferry or plane and rent another car on the other island.

Taxis are cheap and easy to find in the large towns, but they cannot be ordered in advance, nor can taxis licensed in one town pick up passengers from another town.