Under the Salamanca sun it generally pleasant year round. This north central region of Spain doesn’t experience weather that is too hot, too humid or even too rainy. The summers are extremely mild and the winters cool but seldom very cold.

July and August are dry and warm with daytime temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, and cool nights in the 60s that make it ideal for sleeping while taking in a fresh breeze. The rain is also the lightest during the height of summer and with plenty of sun you can take in the sights near and far.

Spring and fall are both mild, and there can be a bit of a chill in the air in the early morning or evening hours. May and November are the wettest months but that’s entirely relative. From October through April you might want to bring a jacket, and perhaps even a coat for the winter months when temperatures average in the upper 30s. Rain is possible but generally light throughout this time as well.

January and December are the cooler months, but even then it is hard to call it really cold. It seldom reaches freezing and snow falls quite infrequently. Generally the weather is quite mild in Salamanca throughout the year.