The Salamanca Airport is about 10 miles from the city of Salamanca, which is also the capital of the region of the same name. The airport is also used as the Matacan Air Base. Travelers can get to the airport along the road that leads from Salamanca to Avila.

This small airport offers direct flights from several European cities, and it operates with two runways only so travel can get back up at peak times. It is best to try to arrive and depart as early as possible to avoid any delays. The passenger terminal was built in 1981 and it features limited amenities, but because of its fairly small size obtaining your claimed bagged can be quick and fairly painless.

From the airport there are shuttle buses to some hotels, but public transportation is limited to taxicabs, which are available in the arrivals area outside of baggage claim. There are also car rental agencies available in the baggage claim area as well.

Rail and bus service is also available to Salamanca with rail service from numerous European destinations, and bus service from Madrid, Avila, Zamora, Valladolid, León, and Cáceres. Trains in Spain are very good, cheap and reliable.

 The train station, called Vialia, is located on Paseo de la Estación  several blocks north of the city center. It is a short walk to numerous hotels in the city center, but if you have quite a bit of luggage, it's better to get a cab. The main bus terminal is located west of the old town, at Avenue Filiberto Villabos. Ask for the Estacion Autores.