The downtown area of Salamanca is a very walkable part of the city.  In fact, many streets have been made over into sidewalks and are pedestrian only.

If you need to get from one side of the city to the other or have a lot of luggage, you may want to take a cab or use the city bus system.  There will be lots of taxis lined up outside the bus terminal and train station when you arrive.  It is sort of an unwritten social rule that you must take the 1st one in line, not pick one out of the middle. A cab around the city on average costs around 5 - 8 euros depending on how far you want to go, how long it takes to get there etc.  It costs 1,05 euro to ride the bus. If you will be riding often you may want to purchase the bono-bus card. To do this, go to the Salamanca Transportes office on the north-east corner of the Mercado building (lower side). Using the card, the ride will only cost you 59 centimos.

There is no metro in Salamanca.