Ischia Porto is the neighborhood where the night rules. You will see many people just walking along Via Roma, that is the main road of the island. If you are in a totally relaxed mood, take a sit and have an ice cream or a cafe and enjoy the night. Some bars that you can stop by at Ischia Porto are: Bar Calise, Pirama Pub, Pub Dionisio and Discoteca Jane where you can have nice dance.

Forio pulls its own tricks for the night. There are a series of bars and pubs to choose where you can pass a great night. For some good live music and great drinks, try Anima e Core on Via Marina or La Meridiana (both are piano-bars). Other spots are L'ormeggioand Atlantic on via Marina, and if you prefer to have a great dinner as well, stop by La Lucciola on via Di Lustro Filippo.

In Ischia Ponte, stop by Kiwi Pub or Caffetteria del Borgo.  

Keep in mind that Ischia is a calm place where people go for its relaxed and free-problem ambiance.