Online, there are some sites that will answer many of your questions about hotels, beaches, spas, monuments, sports, cultural activities and much more. You can try:

- Privately operated, includes lists of links to the most popular hotels, residential villas, restaurants, car and scooter rental companies, courses ofItalian, travel agencies, shopping venues, entertainment activities, nightlife options, cutural events and general services.  Mostly worded in Italian, the site offers selective information in English, French and German.

- Ischia/Comune/ gives the traveler information about lodging, dining options, and spas, as well as some general information about the town.

- is the Italian Government Tourist Board website. There you will find general information and specific information for each of the peninsula's regions. offers impartial travel information and advice for visitors to Ischia. The site includes images of Ischia, guides to the Thermal Spas, Beaches and Museums as well as Accommodation and articles about Ischia's culture and history.