June through August tend to be the travelers' favorite months in Ischia. The island gets hotter and crowdier as the Summer hits off, and you will come across many Italians and Germans. But it is not as crowded as Capri, so that makes a difference to the idea of the typical popular resort (also beacuse there are not many American and English tourists). Weekends are particularly crowded as many Italians arrive form Naples for a short stay.

Temperatures can hit the 100's F in Summer and even in August you have some days in the 90's F. So it can be very very hot. Siesta hour applies and many stores close for lunch and it is advisable that you take a nap at your hotel or find nice cafe or bar to pass the hot hours.

Some travelers will prefer less warm and less crowded Spring, when the temperature is mild though you will need a light sweater at night. Fall is also pleasant with daytime temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 F. Expect some rain.

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