Greece is another one of several European countries that uses the Euro as currency. You will get much better deals when working with cash rather than your debit or credit card with merchants.  Also - you will be charged less of a transaction fee if you withdraw Euro’s from the numerous ATM machines (that can easily be found in any of the towns/cities in Greece) rather than credit card transactions (which can charge a 2-3% transaction fee or more for foreign purchases)

Greek banks have limited hours: Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Some branches are open extra hours in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. It’s important to bring your passport and patience, as you’ll undoubtedly experience at least one long line. Larger hotels, travel agencies and “authorized” bank agents will exchange money, but beware the extra fees and commissions. Travelers’ checks and small-denomination foreign-bank notes are the safest forms of money to carry. 

N.B. Many smaller Greek islands will not have an ATM or if there is one sometimes it will not be working, so take sufficient funds in cash with you.

Also, airports do not necessarily have ATMS in them (Kos being an example) so make sure you either know where to go to get cash when you arrive, or that you have enough on you for your arrival.

The site of each bank has a page where you can look up for their ATM network or for their branches. So find below the links that will take you to this page of each bank, starting from the major ones:

  1. National Bank of Greece -General address:
    Bottom right of the page there is a box saying service points where you can search for ATMs:!ut/p/c1...
    You can also search for branches in Greece or outside Greece.
  2. ALPHA BANK - Address for ALPHA BANK is
    Click on the drop down menu “Quick Links” there is an option saying ATM search. It will take you to the page where you can search for the ATM either by Prefecture or by Post Code:
  3. Piraeus Bank - Address:
    You can change the language to English by clicking on the link at the bottom right corner of the page (It may take some time to find it as it is not  at the top). There is a link saying “Branches, Kiosk, ATMs” which will take you here: You can search for what you want using a map which is much easier since you don’t have to know the prefecture.
  4. EFG Eurobank - Address : - This will take you to points of presence where you can check ATM locations.
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an English version where you can search for ATM network even though they have a page for this in the Greek version. So if you are in Greek page click on “Δίκτυο ΑΤΜ” and it will take you to a map of Greece . From there you can search by pointing over the area you want but everything will be in Greek.

In Pelion Peninsular generally there are only few and far between banks and ATMs. As the City of Volos is the main centre for all financial activities, with many branches of various Banks most of transactions happen there. At the East side of Pelion there is an Agricultultar Bank in the village of Zagora up North and then an ATM in the touristy and centrally located village of Tsagarada at the AgIa Paraskevi square and one in the village of Argalasti down South. There are only few Hotels, Restaurants  and Shops that accept credit cards, (Lost Unicorn Hotel & Restaurant in Tsagarada's central square being one of them), and they generally take Visa & MasterCard but less often American Express because of the higher commission.

Lastly, if you wish just to check ATM locations for Visa or Mastercard then you can use the following links


MasterCard -