Thessaloniki was voted one of the top 10 ultimate party cities in the world by Lonely Planet in 2010. 

Where else can you party until dawn while listening to traditional Greek “bouzoukia” music? Thessaloniki’s nightlife is a fusion of modern European club culture and centuries-old Mediterranean traditions.

Most of the louder clubs are situated on the outskirts of town (near the airport), ensuring that the main historical areas stay fairly quiet at night. This doesn’t mean that partiers stay away from the oldest sectors of Thessaloniki - they simply stop by earlier. Do what the locals do and grab a traditional meal of grilled meat, vegetables and wine at Aristotelous Square, and then walk a few blocks over to the waterfront to enjoy the view and digest before beginning the nightclub grind.

Not too far from the center of town is Nikis Boulevard, which has a row of small bars with a bit more character than the larger, commericial dance halls.  The White Tower is actually a good landmark if you’re looking for something to do at night: on the same block are some popular bars, occasionally with live music. But if you’re looking for the loudest bars and wildest discos, head for the Mylos warehouse, located in the port district. As it is on the edge of town, you may need to hail a taxi, but it will be worth it because this entertainment complex is where all of the most dedicated revelers gather.

 The last couple of years the most popular night spot in the city is the streets among Valaoritou and Syngrou roads. The party starts late and every night the place is packed with people who tour around a truly varied choice of bars for all tastes, until the early hours of the morning.