The crime rate in Luxembourg City is considered low to moderate, as compared to other European countries. What little crime does occur is primarily non-violent, such as confidence scams, pickpocketing, purse snatching, baggage swiping, and other types of thefts. Since tourists are always at a higher risk for these types of crimes, be especially wary around airports, train stations, and bus terminals. Keep your wallet in your front pocket or in a money belt, and lock valuables in the hotel safe. It’s also a good idea to avoid the public parks at night, especially if you are traveling alone.

In the case of an emergency, help is widely available. You can always dial 112 for an ambulance or a fire, or 113 for the police. Drugstores are also plentiful, and operate on a 24-hour rotation system for after-hour services. To find the on-call pharmacy, check the local newspaper or call 112.

In case of an automobile mishap, the emergency road services in Luxembourg City are great. Breakdowns and towing can be reported to the Automobile Club Luxembourg at 26000. For more dire circumstances, still use 112 for a medical emergency or 113 for the police.