If you’re flying into the area, arrive at Findel Airport, which is just 4 miles northeast of Luxembourg City. The airport accepts regular flights from all the major European countries. From there, you can easily board a Luxair bus (link 9) or the Eurobus (link 16)  departure every 15 minutes from 5.30AM to 9.00PM, which makes several stops along the way to it final destination at Gare Centrale (=Railwaystation). The whole ride takes about 40 minutes.  If you prefer, you can hail a taxi from the airport. It will save you some time, but cost more, especially on evenings (+10% tax from 10.00PM and 6.00AM) and on Sundays and holidays (+25% tax). Another option is to pre-book your taxi for a fix price with luxembourgtransfer.com

If you’re coming in by train, Luxembourg City is connected to several major cities. The trip from Paris takes 3 1/2 hours, from Brussels it’s 3 hours, and from Amsterdam it’s 6 hours (via Brussels). There are also connections from many German cities through Koblenz (2h15). All trains arrive at Gare Centrale in the southern part of town. And long-distance buses arrive just outside the station, most frequently from London, Brussels, and Paris. And since that is also a city bus terminal, you can easily get a ride to your final destination. Gare Central also features a tourist information office, currency exchange, and short-term luggage storage.

If you are driving in yourself, several highways from Belgium , France , and Germany all converge on Luxembourg City . Some example: from Bruxelles use the A4/E411 (214KM or 133 miles 2h15) Amsterdam (423KM or 263 miles 4h10) from Paris use the A4/E25 and A31/E25 (374KM or 232 miles 3h30) Strasbourg (220KM or 137 miles 2h00) from Frankfurt-Main use the A4/E44 (232KM or 144 miles 2h30) Köln (193KM or 120 miles 2h30)

Luxembourg is home to several European Union institutions and to different administrative and financial headquarters. Although Luxembourg city centre is relatively small, you'll still experience a sophisticated metropolitan flair.

A few things to see:

Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre Dame)
Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial (WWII)
Le Chemin de la Corniche
Philharmonie Luxembourg ­ (Kirchberg plateau)
Viaduc (Passerelle) ­ trademark sight of the city of Luxembourg.
Palace of the Grand Dukes (Palais Grand­Ducal)