Street art has made one Agrigento neighborhood an area of charm and delight.

If you find yourself sitting at the Ambasciata di Sicilia having lunch you are quite close to a neighborhood it is worth your while to walk through. 

It is not possible to place a map here but if you query Ambasciata di Sicilia in Agrigento Italy you will see the area clearly.  The Embassy (ambasciata) is located at the corner of via Atenea and via Giambertoni.  From the Embassy vai Giambertoni continues forward as a very narrow winding street.   It intersects a set of stairs on the left that take you down a bit to via cannameli.   If you are looking at this on Google maps you’ll see a music symbol that say “Alloggio della Posta Vecchia”,  (the old post office hotel)  this is where the stairs go down.  As soon as you are on via cannameli turn right and begin to walk the old street.  Local artists have painted the walls in several areas.  When vai cannameli dead ends into via Caruana turn right and you’ll go up a hill and back onto via Giambertoni.  Once there turn right again and you’ll be back where you started in about a 200 yards. 

The art is excellent and very creative.  It ranges from realistic, to fantastic, to whimsical.   There is also a door set into one of the walls with a sign that says “La bellezza delle lacrime a pagamento” (the beauty of tears for a price).   

Local artists created this project to draw attention to the neighborhood and to help save it from falling into decline.   If you are in Agrigento Italy this neighborhood is very much worth a visit to walk the streets and view the art.