FAQs or TO DOs when you book with off airport rental companies. Most importantly, Make sure you contact your rental company before you fly, specially if you have booked with third party website. The terms and conditions can be different on portal you see against the rental company procedures. Make sure you let the rental company know that your flight is delayed,cancelled or rescheduled, if you don't; chances are you won't get a car when you arrive at destination even when you have paid the deposit for the car. The trading hours vary from company to company. If you have booked after hour pick up, contact the after hour service before you fly to make sure there is a car ready for you at their premises. Car seats for babies and GPS are important things you should double check when you contact the company before flying as well to avoid after hour disappointments as they won't be able to help you even if they want. It is easy to book with companies operating at airport if you are not on tight budget but the second tier companies can be great choice considering many of them offer near new vehicles at cheap prices. For deposit purpose possible,they need the credit card details of customer renting the vehicle, If you don't leave your details with them,you won't get a car sometimes. Taking photos of Vehicle from all sides, fuel gauge and Kilometers can be good sometimes in case of any problem after you drop vehicle back. Smoking,having pets,untidy vehicle can cause additional cleaning costs. Keep it clean! Drive safe. Enjoy next trip.