Here are a couple links to a variety of related tourist information.

1.  Adventure Safari: Movie tours in Wellington.  A favorite because of the variety, the secrets, the props for photos and the friendliness of  Ted, the guide and owner of Adventure Safari.  Be sure to have Ted show around.   He obviously loves what he does.

2.  Edoras:  As you approach "Edoras" from afar, everyone instantly will recognize it from the movie.  This is in remote area on a seldom traveled dirt road.  Be prepared, this is a day trip and well worth it.  The journey is quite beautiful and as long as the van isn't too full and you have  a good guide, you'll have a proper build-up for your arrival to the foot of Edoras.  It just wouldn't be the same if it were just 5 minutes from town.  You'll get a peek at the location shot for Helms Deep while you're on top of Edoras.  

 3. Hobbiton: Informative and lovely rolling hills.  Great photo's and a fun tour guide.  Nice "inside" information about what into the making of the films.  The party tree does exsist!  Great photo ops abound.

NZ Tourism Online : Lord of the Rings

Wizard of New Zealand