New Zealand's electricity supply operates at 230 volts, 50 hertz. Plugs and outlets are identical to Australia's - two flat pins forming a inverted-V shape, with a single vertical flat pin below for earth. DO NOT attempt to insert an American two-pin plug into a New Zealand socket by bending the pins - not only will you damage the plug, the voltages and frequencies are different.

Most hotels and motels also provide 110 volt, 20 watt AC sockets in their bathroom for electric razors.

Australian outlet and power cord

New Zealand power outlet and power cord 

Some remote areas in the North and South Islands (including Haast and Milford Sound), and all offshore islands except Waiheke Island, are not connected to the national grid and are reliant on diesel generators or small hydroelectric schemes. Try to conserve power in these areas as electricity can cost more than twice what it does in grid-connected areas.


Tap (faucet) water is safe to drink. City water is chlorinated; most is fluoridated. Water sourced from rivers and lakes should be boiled or treated before drinking.