The climate in Indiana is fairly consistent throughout the state, with variations in average temperatures from north to south.  The only exception is the northwestern part of the state which experiences Lake Effect weather due to its proximity to Lake Michigan.  The state experiences four distinct seasons, with summers being hot and winters cold.  Visit the Climate of Indiana page for detailed information about this topic.

            The northern region of the state (in which South Bend is located) experiences very cold winters.  Tourists don’t usually visit during this time of year.  From November until February, the temperature rarely reaches above freezing.  Summers in turn are very hot.  Average daytime temperatures will be in the 80’s, with days in the 90’s fairly common.  Humidity at times makes is feel much hotter.  Spring and fall are the most comfortable times of year to visit.

            The southern region of the state (in which Evansville is located) experiences four distinct seasons, just like the northern region.  The main difference between the two is the higher temperatures in the south.  Summer temperature will be in the 90’s on average, with extremely hot days reaching the 100’s.  Winter temperatures are mild when compared to the north, with daytime temperatures staying in the lower 40’s on average. 

            For detailed weather information about any of the state’s cities or towns, visit the Weather Channel website.