The city of Fes is generally safe, and travelers shouldn’t experience too much trouble. Morocco is a rather secular nation, so alcohol is served as resorts and in some nightclubs and restaurants. Be sure not to over indulge, as public drunkenness is a serious crime as Morocco is a Muslim nation. Likewise, be alert in areas that foreigners congregate, as there were terrorist bombings in the city of Casablanca in 2003. However, Fes is an important historic city to many cultures so the likelihood of such an attack is low, but you should still be on guard.

A bigger concern is petty crime, and the panhandling in Fes is very high. Likewise, other more common crimes include pick pocketing and purse snatching. Generally women at are a greater risk, and it is not advisable for women to travel alone in the city if possible. It should also be worth mentioning that in the area of the medina, that respectful attire be worn.

Avoid empty streets and poor lit neighborhoods after dark, and when in doubt take a taxicab back to your hotel if you feel uncomfortable. Avoid any demonstrations that might occur, as these can sometimes be aimed at Western powers. The best bet for traveling in Fes is to keep a low profile while you take in the sights.