Guides are a great plus. They know the city, they keep visitors safe. They are licensed by the government and follow prescribed routes. Their fees, as advised by the major hotels, are between 200 dh (approximately 20 Euros or  Dollars) for half a day and 350 to 400 dh (35 to 40 Euros or Dollars for a full day). It is, however, not quite clear what comprises a half or full day, so a rule of thumb should be that up to 4 hours is half a day.

Since the fee for guides is low, visitors pay for their own transportation. The Petit Taxis are very inexpensive, and usually the journey only goes from the hotel to the entrance of the Medina (Old Town).

This is where guides earn their real money. They usually only allow  purchases in businesses they recommend, in other words, in businesses where they receive commissions. They offer to bargain for visitors, thus making sure that their cut is high. Visitors should bargain for themselves, and haggle hard. The shop keeper will not lose money, he will not sell unless he makes a profit. So, the buyer should bargain until a lower price is absolutely impossible, and the shopkeeper will let him leave without a purchase.

Hotel food is expensive, but Fes had outdoor cafes and little restaurants along all major streets. The food is tasty and inexpensive, and sitting where people can be watched is a wonderful change from the sterile environment of hotel restaurants.