The art of Fes is a fascinating mix of East meets West, which no doubts is a sign of the mix of cultures that influenced the city through the centuries. Housed in the 19th century Hispano-Moorish palace, the Dar Batha Museum is home to a variety of Moroccan art, including wood sculptures, carpets, pottery and other local items. Of interest are items with the “Fez blue,” a color that is created using cobalt to bring out the stunning blue color. This museum features late afternoon concerts during the Fes Festival of Sacred Music.

More of the city’s fine crafts can be seen at the nearby Nejjarine Museum, which once served as an inn for traveling merchants. Today it is home to a collection of traditional Moroccan woodworkings.

The city is also home to the Arms Museum of Borj-Nord Museum, which is today one of the finest military museums in North Africa. Housed in the 16th century fortress that once protected the city, the weapons museum features a collection of firearms, arms and armor and other military devices from ancient times to the modern day, with pieces from around the globe. The highlight is the collection of finely crafted Islamic daggers. There are outstanding panoramic views of Fes below, from atop the fortress.