Monrovia is the capital of Liberia and has a population somewhere around one million.  Made up of many different ethnic and religious groups, the city’s official language is English.  Liberian law mandates that only blacks can be citizens and that only citizens can own property, a fitting and just reversal for a country founded by freed slaves coming from antebellum America.  Although very recent, severe, and prolonged civil war has devastated the country, not all is lost, nor ever will be: Monrovia possess a vibrant heritage, its history and culture always manifest in its people and its landmarks.

Providence Island
is one such historical place of great civic and national pride, as it marks the landing spot of the above-mentioned freed slaves.  Another such site worth checking out would be the Centennial Pavilion , which was constructed after the Second World War to celebrate the county’s hundredth anniversary. 

Looking to relax?  Both Ellen’s Beach and the Kendeja Beach are popular hangouts—go to these beautiful beaches to mingle with locals in a relatively safe environment.

Unfortunately, the Masonic Temple, once a fascinating religious destination, is now a remnant of what it had been only two decades ago and does not make a great visit.