The transportation situation in Monrovia begins twenty miles outside the capital at the relatively small Roberts International Airport, from which place it is recommended one take a cab into the city, a ride that should cost around $20—so if the driver asks for more, try to talk the price down.  Also, tipping in taxis is not required in Monrovia.

Liberia has many rivers and is located on the ocean, and thus with this geography it is literally natural that Monrovia would explore sea and river transport service options, with boats and steam ships charting the coasts and trafficking the rivers.  In addition, from December to March, canoe safaris are a scenic option for transport to the southeast.

Since there is no train service, the main means of moving around is by car.  Car and limo rental exists in Monrovia; unfortunately adequate paving is not always guaranteed, as many small roads are untarred and in the rainy season some become impassable.  Nor are buildings and streets usually marked, so you should definitely know where you are going before setting out on a trip.

Taxi is the main means of transport for the tourist strapped for cash and who thus cannot afford a rental car, but beware that cabs here are notorious for being small and cramming in six riders at a time, which makes for uncomfortable, lengthy trips that leave the visitor hot, irritated, and vulnerable to being robbed.

Cab rides are very cheap. It is much more pleasant if you just pay a little extra to keep the cab to yourself, otherwise the driver will try to cram 8 random passengers into his Nissan Sentra.