Immigration and Visas

As of 26th January 2008, Zambian visas have increased in price considerably, and they have abolished the visa waiver scheme for tourists. (This scheme meant if you arranged accomodation or a tour with a recognised company you didn't pay the visa fees - so if you read about this on any web site it's out of date now).

Visas are now very expensive, with a single or multiple entry visa for a USA citizen costing $135, and a single entry visa for a British citizen £75, and a multiple entry visa a staggering £240.

December 2013: Standard tourist visas are USD50 single entry; USD80 double or multiple entry.  It is virtually impossible to get a multiple entry at point of entry - they will only give single or double - so get in advance?.  Visas are valid for 3 months but issued for 1 month - they can be extended at any immigration office, found in most major towns.  There is talk about changing the visa system around Livingstone/Vic Falls so visitors can travel freely across the border to view the falls from both sides.  Visit


Importing a Vehicle

From late 2013 tolls, for road use charging, have been introduced at all border posts.  These are intended to be extended thoughout the country.  These charges apply to Zambian as well as foreign registered vehicles. More info on the RDA (Zambian Roads Development Agency) Web Site.

If you are bringing a vehicle in, you will have to pay a 'carbon tax' based on the size of your vehicles engine. This is around US$50! If you are coming back to Zambia in the same calendar year, keep the receipt and you should not have to pay it again. If you enter on 31st December, you might have to pay $50 for just 1 day and then another $50 for the next year starting 1st January.