Located in South East Asia in the tropics, Laos has a tropical monsson climate, with mostly hot and humid weather year round with average temperatures ranging between 79°F and 86° F during the day throughout much of the year. It can be somewhat cooler at night. Even on the coldest days you’re likely to want to leave the jacket at home.

The rainy season is from May through October, and this is when it is extremely warm and sticky. Be sure to bring an umbrella, but you can still expect the sun to peak out a bit during this time as well. Things dry out in November and from the late fall to late winter in February it does cool down a bit in Vientiane. The heat picks up for March and April, but this time of year is mostly dry.

Rainfall does vary by regions in Laos, and Vientiane is actually one of the areas that get a bit more rain. As it is in the Mekong, the year round temperatures are in the low to upper 80s or higher during the day and only the low 70s at night. In the cool season from November to February things can be a bit on the cooler side, but even in January it is hard to know its winter in Vientiane.