One of Malaysia’s most prized possessions is its haiwan liar, or its wildlife. And in Malaysia, it is as exotic as it gets with flora and fauna straight out of Jungle Book, some of the world’s most endangered species can be found under the canopies of the lush rainforests. The Orangutans are the fifth most endangered species in Malaysia and the best place to view the creatures are at the Sepilok Orang-utan Sancutary. Watch how orang-utans, many who were orphaned in the wild or rescued from illegal captivity, are rehabilitated to be released back in to the wild. Check out this helpful review about the habitat.

The beaches are also a wildlife gem. Selingan Turtle Island is the only place in the world for humans to see the rare green and hawksbill turtles come ashore and lay their eggs. And the only way to see these is an overnight stay. Curiously, the turtles come ashore every night—even during non-mating seasons. You can also venture underground in the Gomatong Caves where over 2 million bats, serpent eagles, and kingfishers call home. See the cliffs where swiftlet nests are nestled and collected for the famous birds nest soup.

Of course, like most animals, the creatures of Malaysia are extremely elusive, particularly to someone new to the terrain and one of the best ways to explore the regions is by guided tour. Keep in mind that Malaysia is a country comprised of more than one island, so transportation is can be challenging.