1. From and to KUL / KLIA Airport

Cheaper: Bus that ends in KL Sentral (Bus 10 MYR; Taxi for two 75-105 MYR buy your taxi coupon trip so you already know how much you will pay, note that after midnight you pay more!; KLIA (train) 35 MYR)

Faster: KLIA (Taxi 45-60 mins direc; Train 28mins for train plus waiting for next train and journey from KL Sentral; Bus 1h)

User-friendly: Taxi takes you to hotel door! (KLIA and bus stop in KL Sentral then you have to walk or take monorail, taxi or bus all with stations inside or near KL Sentral)

Comfort: KLIA train (better views, can stretch your legs!)

Safe: all of them. Yes, KL Sentral looks dark and ugly but isn’t like a criminal spot! You just have to run away from all taxi/bus drivers that want to offer you services. Also, they are making big construction over there so, in 1 year or less, it will probably look great!


2. City

Walk around is one of the best options to really get to know a city, also in Kuala Lumur although the sticky weather, hot and humid, make it harder to enjoy it!    Do take care when trying to cross streets, do not assume green light is safe, be aware of reversal of traffic flow, be aware that what you see in maps can be usually inaccessible by walking.

Monorail and trains work well and are not expensive! About 1 – 3 MYR.


3. To Batu Caves

Use train! You pay like 2 MYR each way. You can catch it every 30 min from KL Sentral, allow 60minutes each way. Stops in front of Batu Caves.  Alternatively a taxi will take around 20minutes.


4. To Putrajaya

Two options. Bus or train to Putrajaya Sentral. Bus is cheaper cost about 2 MYR, but it takes longer. Train from KL Sentral costs 19 MYR and is less than 30 min.  From Putrajaya Sentral to the city you need to take a bus – 1 MYR. But please, choose to go there just on weekend,  during the week they don’t have any tours. Is quite difficult to walk in Putrajaya not just because everything is fairway, but also because isn’t prepared to walk. There are not much people in the streets so even walking all the way you don’t feel like you will experience city life. Finally tours costs only 1 MYR, start and end in Putrajaya Sentral.


5. To/from Taman Negara

One of the options is NKS Hotel & Travel, inside Hotel Mandarin Pacific, in China Town. Every day at 08:00am, for 75 MYR you can get from Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut (bus, 3 hours), then to Kuala Tembeling (bus, 20 min) and finally you take a boat to Kuala Tahan (3 hours), Taman Negara!

You will find that the “jungle” is more prepared for tourism than KL, in the bad and good sense… When talking about transportation it is good because you can go anywhere you want from Jerantut or even from Kuala Tahan. Forget if you thought that it would be an adventure to get out of there - you just need to blink your eyes and will find someone to take you anywhere.

To leave an idea, the prices of NKS:

From Taman Negara to Cameron Highland, Jetty to Perhentian Island or Kota Bahru you pay 90 MYR/person and you can catch it every day at 08:00AM; To Penang it leaves at the same hour and you pay 130 MYR.