Only YOU can plan and design your own trip.

Trip Advisor is a forum to help folks figure it all out, it does not stand for Travel Agent.  Most folks on the forum are regular and experienced travellers but they are not travel agents!

What do you need to consider?

* Where will you be flying in and out of

* Have you booked your flights to Malaysia

* When do you plan to travel

* How much budget are you allowing for getting about between places

* Do you plan to travel cheaply by bus or prefer to fly

* How much budget are you allowing per room per night, 100myr, 1000myr

* What your spending / shopping / sight seeing budget is

* Have you been realistic on costs - are you allowing 100myr a day, 1000myr a day

* Will you have lots of spare budget to have a spending money and getting about

* How long will you be away - how much holiday can you take

* What is your style  - designer gucci 5*, budget hostels 

* Who will be travelling, family, couple, friends

* What are the age demographics

* Do you plan to stay in one location or travel around a lot

* Is being on the move seeing lots more important than staying at a location to explore

* Are you happy to spend a lot of time travelling

* Do you want to be in a busy location near bars, restaurants or shops, or do you want to be remote

* Do you plan to eat in the hotel or get out and about

* Do you want to explore, see the sights, experience the location or do nothing and chillax

* What do you like to do when on holiday

* What sort of experiences are you looking to achieve

Just answering this questions will not mean that TA will then design your holiday, but will give YOU a better guide to what YOU want from YOUR holiday and assist you with your research and planning.

The term 'Best' is very much a personal choice.  What is 'best' for you might not be 'best' for someone else.  Think about how you phrase questions so that you define what 'best' means for you.

There is lots of information out there.  But you do have to do it yourself.  Yes, research!

Many folks do not use tour companies or guides. Its easy to sort out yourself. But there are a mirade of tour compaines or guides, some very good, and many not. You just don't need to pay someone a lot of money to do what you can do yourself. The best thing to do is visit the various Malaysian forums for the places your fancy visiting, and see what other people have done. There are lots of useful tips and recommendations are there.

Malaysia has some wonderful hotels, and some fabulous beach resorts, some wonderful places to visit. A lot will depend on what time of year you travel, and which way the monsoon or prevailing wind is blowing.

The Malaysian Tourism is a great source of information.  Also the Things to do / Hotels / Restaurants / Traveller Articles pages [Green Banner at the top of the page] and the extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions [FQAs on the right of the page] on Trip Advisor - sadly this are not visible when using the TA app - so will need to view your app in full screen mode or via a pc / laptop.  These are packed with useful information.

When you are looking at a country that is 330,000square km, there is a lot of places to see and visit. It takes 4 hours to fly from one side of Malaysia to the other, and nearly 2hours from north to south.

So again, your question is too big, if you do lots of reaseach, you will start to form some ideas, and see what appeals to you!

As a guide, book your flight to Malaysia, then look at how you can build your trip, see where you need to go, how long you want to stay, what hotel you want to stay at.  Trip Adviser members can assist with smaller specific questions once you need the details in your basic plan.

Finally, when you seek help and ask questions, please do not forget that a please or thank you is always appreciated by folks who are giving you help and their time for nothing!