Suggested Activities For A First Time Visit to Jordan

Fly Into Amman International Airport

1- Start your trip in Jordan By Booking a Hotel in Amman which is a great cosmopolition city which have everything and the best place to center your trip.

2. next day visit Jerash and AJLOUN GO BACK TO AMMAN

3. Third day go visit Madaba and mt nebo , continue the kings high way to Petra. STAY There for a full day

4. fourth day go Jeep SAFARI IN WADI RUM and then continue to the dead ea for an amazing experience


 Jordan is One of the Safest Places to Visit in the Middle East and Has Many Interesting if Not World Class Sites that are a Must See for Any Trip Adventure to the Middle East. 


The above is a very fair guide if somewhat dated. Today Jordan offers a number of other activities that engage the mind as much as the body. For example, Trail Running enthusiasts will delight at the opportunity to participate in the Full Moon Desert Marathon held in May. Paragliding is also slowly catching on and as of Spring 2012 a limited number of sails and motors can be rented locally. Furthermore, rock climbing and indoor climbing enthusiasts can now find two professional outfits to indulge in their passion.

Jordan is no longer just a gateway to brush up on you history but it now also offers activities to stimulate fitness, perseverance, focus and competitiveness.