Any time is a great time to be in Samoa but when you're planning your itinerary, here are a few things to consider:

The wet season is from November through to March, with the wettest months being December and January. It is not unusual for Apia to be flooded during January. Average temperatures during this time range anywhere from 27 degrees celsius on a cool day to about 36 degrees celsius on a hot day. Humidity is at a constant high and many people find it necessary to change clothes at least twice during the day. To combat the heat, many people buy small hand fans from the market stalls and the most popular accessory is a small hand towel to wipe away the sweat. Being the wet season, you should expect rain two out of three days, but don't let that stop you from visiting during this season as the rain comes in quick bursts and there are long stretches of rain free time.

The temperature is slightly cooler from around April through to October with the coolest temperatures in the June - July period. Average temperatures during this dry season range from a cool 24 degrees celsius to a high of around 34 degrees celsius. The South East Trade Winds help to keep the days and nights cooler than the wet season.

December and January are also a very busy tourist season in Samoa. This is due to the high number of expats from Australia and New Zealand who take advantage of the summer school holiday period to visit family and to organise Family Reunions. If you are planning trips at this time of the year, be sure to book for services early and to be aware that pricing can be much higher at this peak season than at other times of the year. This is especially important for hotel and car hire services.

The influx of visitors to Samoa is also apparent during the months when Annual General Meetings are held for various church groups. The EFKS (Christian Congregational Church) has their AGM in May and members come from around the world for this annual conference. The Methodists hold their AGM in July and the SISDAC (Seventh Day Adventists) AGM is usually in January.

Samoa is also busy in June for the independence celebrations and in September for the annual Teuila Festival.

For more information regarding festivals and celebrations in Samoa check out the Samoa Tourism Association website or the even the Government website for useful links.