For most travellers having a mobile(cell) phone is a necessity, so even when you're on holiday it's very hard to think about not having access to this lifestyle tool. Whether you just want to send texts to friends and family at home or update your facebook status, you need to check into what's available at your destination.

Samoa has two major telephone companies that provide services to both Upolu and Savaii.

 BlueSkySamoaTel is theamalgamation of the nation's original telecommunications provider and the BlueSky company they offer service plans that include land lines, for homes and businesses, mobile phone(cellular) services as well as broadband internet services. They have major outlet stores at Matafele(Apia), Maluafou (Apia) and Salelologa(Savaii). ** BlueSky launched a new operating system on the 14th Dec 2011. You can now use 4G network enabled devices, in short your apple iPhone will work here.

The other major telecommunications provider in Samoa is Digicel who currently only offer mobile phone(cellular) network coverage and internet services where available. They have store locations throughout Apia. Their head office is in the SNPF Plaza opposite the 'flea market' with another outlet next to Chan Mow's Supermarket on Beach Road.

Important Numbers:

Samoa's international code # is: 685 give this code to your friends followed by your phone number if you want them to call you.

To dial out of Samoa you need to press 0 first then your international dialling code followed by your destination phone number.

Most mobile phone numbers generally begin with 0 so when you dial them from Samoa you would enter the first two numbers of your international dialling code then skip the first 0 in your mobile number and dial the numbers that come after that.

Emergency Service numbers are:

994 for Police

995 for Fire Service

996 for Hospital

999 for Ambulance

Embassies & National Representatives in Samoa

Australia - 23 411 

New Zealand -  21 711                 

USA - 21 631

British Rep: 21 758

Netherlands Rep -  24 337,

Sweden Rep - 20 346

Germany Rep - 22 634

China Rep -  22 474


1. Can you use your existing mobile phone in Samoa? If you want to use your own phone with your current sim card you need to activate international roaming. If your plan is to buy a sim card in samoa and just use your handset then make sure your phone is UNLOCKED. Check both of these issues with your home service provider.

2. Where can you buy a sim card? BlueSky SamoaTel and Digicel have a retail kiosk at the airport so you can purchase a sim card for use whilst in Samoa, you can also get a sim card from their offices/stores in Apia. 

3. How do you top-up your mobile credits? Mobile phone credits for either of the service providers are readily available throughout Samoa just enquire at your local convenience store. Mobile credits come in two forms, either a card from which you enter a pin number OR transfer credits which allow the retailer to automatically top-up your credit. Make sure you have your phone number handy because they(store keeper) will ask for it when you top-up using transfer credits.


For more information on either network check out their websites  OR

for more information on international dialling codes check out: