These Information are for the main island of "Tongatapu" ! Banks--> There are three major banks on Tongatapu, ANZ Bank, MBF Bank and Westpac Bank. ATM's-->There are several ATM's in Nuku'alofa city and one in the general public area of the Fua'amotu International Airport (The one at the Airport can however occasionally run out of cash). All these ATM's are currently operated by Westpac and ANZ Bank. Foreign exchange--> This service is not only operated by the major Banks, but you will also find other providers of this service in Nuku'alofa, such as the E.M.Jones Travel Centre, Western Union and others. Western Union, E.M.Jones as well as the MBF Bank also have Foreign exchange counters at Fua'amotu International Airport. Eftpos--> Most larger tourist service providers and Supermarkets accept local bank cards as well as Visa and Mastercards and occasionally AMEX and Diners Club. Extra info --> * Most Bank access cards will not work on eftpos terminals outside the country (where the account is being held). * It is recommendable to have alternative payment options beside the trusted credit card (i.e. more than one card or travellers cheques) * ATM's on Tonga accept almost all major credit and bank cards. * For payments, it is recommendable (especially at accommodation establishments) to check with the reception on arrival, on the different payment options available (Not all service providers offer the same payment options).