Tonga has become very conservative in terms of religion in the past few years. Thus, it is important that tourists respect this religious ardor. For instance, entire towns in Tonga shut down on Sunday. There is no transportation available, no restaurants to eat at. Most people can be seen walking to and from church and spending the day with their families. Tourists should be respectful of this. Also, since it is so religiously conservative, visitors should dress appropriately and not in too risqué clothes.


Also there is one cultural tradition that involves etiquette. In Tonga, Kava is a popular drink that is to be drunk nightly. In Tonga, only men are allowed to drink this beverage and only women can even be around the concoction if they are serving it. In fact, the server is typically a single women, who must be courted by a single male. Sometimes foreign girls are invited to be the server, or tou’a for the night, but if one is asked, one must be aware that this role does not come without impositions and awkward relations. Some people find this role very sexist. If a male comes to a club to drink Kava, they must be aware that the Kava is served in rounds and is doled out to the person farthest away from the server first. All drinkers must remain cross-legged during this process. On Tongatapu, the biggest island in Tonga, Kava is only drunk on Wednesday and Saturday nights.  The whole process can last eight or nine hours.