The official Exchange Rate is here


Note the very small difference between buy & sell prices, which is what counts

In the UK high street, if the Rate is 10LE to the £1, you will likely see buy at 9LE to the £1 and sell at 11LE to the pound. BUT, they proudly advertise NO COMMISSION Charges. True, but their profit is in the LARGE gap between buy & Sell prices.

So, if you hand over £100 to buy LE you get 900LE back. If you instantly go to the end of the same queue and sell them back, you get 900/11 = £82 (in whole numbers) - you have just lost £18 or 18% of your money! - THAT is their Profit/Commission

So TAKE CASH with you (Sterling).You can usually firstly exchange some in the Airport Arrivals Hall BEFORE immigration, at the same kiosk you would be buying your visa if you need one.

Then any bank will change currency. They do not like crumpled torn notes however, which is a bit of a laugh, considering the state of their oown paper currency!

ATM's will dispense LE. CHECK what YOUR bank will charge you for transaction charges AND the Exchange rate - It is normally a costly exercise.

Many of the larger hotels will also change currency, some even having a dedicated desk, or even a Bank inside.