Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

Lake Bogoria is located around 3 hours drive north from Lake Nakuru. One of the famous Great Rift Valley lakes it is often overlooked for Lake Baringo and Nakuru. The lake offers fantastic views over the hills of the Valley and is equally bountiful in flamingos as Lake Nakuru. It does not have the wildlife of Nakuru, but offers visitors beautiful sights of hot springs, geysers and landscapes. Self drives are allowed in the park around the lake and you can exit the car around the hot springs to walk around and get close to the springs.

Hot Springs

The area of the hot springs is good size with numerous sources where the hot water erupts up to 3 meters high. The water with minerals creates fantastic pathways on the ground with beautiful colours.

Local people believe in inhaling and exposing yourself to the vapours can have healing properties for breathing and skin problems but the steam is very hot and should be taken with cautions.  The locals often test the hot water by boiling eggs in plastic bags on long sticks. It is not recommended that you test it with your hand - as it is boliing hot!

Boling eggs in the hot springs of Lake Bogoria

The occasional flamingo suffers when the water erupts and some dead, boiled birds will be visible around the springs.

Fantastic Landscapes of Lake Bogoria


There are leopards in the area and the tiny dik dik antelopes and warthogs families can be seen walking across the roads.

Temperatures are very high in this area and the sun is fierce. This combined with the added heat of the hot springs and hot steam from the geysers makes this a very hot place.

On the way to Lake Bogoria you will pass the geographical equator, with great photo opportunities by the signs. 

on the way to Lake Bogoria

Highly recommended for a real African feel.