Most Kenyans in the travel industry are paid very low wages and rely heavily on tips. Tipping is down to individuals as you tip according to the service you get. Tip what you feel is appropriate and what has been deserved, and please tip in Kenyan Shillings as most staff find it difficult to change foreign currency, and they lose some of their hard earned tip in commission to the money changer. Also please note they cannot change foreign coins at all.

The following is intended just to be a rough guide: 

Baggage porters   200 khs per day on safari or taking bags to hotel rooms at end and start of holiday.

Airport Transfer Driver.   from 100/- (shared package transfer) to 500/-  (private transfer to South Coast Diani around 5000khs)

Bar staff    50khs - 100 khs  per round of drinks or if running a tab round up to nearest convenient figure up to 10% of total

Food Waiter   AI hotel dining 100/- to 200/- - local restaurant up to 10% of bill

Safari Guide    1000/- per person per day  payable at end of safari 

room Staff     1000/-  per week 

Pool attendant    100/- per day

With Room Staff and Pool Attendants it is often sensible to give them half of what you intend to give them at the beginning of the Holiday and the balance at the end dependant on the service you receive.

Don't forget the backroom staff, gardeners, handymen, kitchen staff, etc. many places have a tip box where tips are shared between all staff.

When you change money or use an ATM you will likely be given 1,000/- notes and some 500/-  unless you get out and about and use local shops, bars and restaurants you will find getting these changed difficult. In this case ask the bank or forex where you excagne to include smaller denomination notes or buy something cheap like a bottle of water from a shop / bar / cafe large enough to be able to change a 1,000/- note (many small stalls will not carry enough float to do so).

If using an ATM, it can help to ask for, say, 9900/- instead of 10000/-. This means you will get a few (very few!) smaller notes.