As with just about every other large city, Jakarta is a place where there is always something going on. This site will guide you through the events. The concept is unique, because it covers Restaurants, bars, clubs, Disco's and even Business and Cultural events. If you are new in Jakarta as an expat or as a tourist passing through Jakarta, stay a day or 2 and you need to know what's going on, you are certainly at the right place on TripAdvisor. There is a forum where you can discuss topics about Jakarta and you can review hotels, bar, clubs, restaurants and all places of interests

Jakarta is a very busy, a dense city with a population over 15 million people. Every year there are several big floods and the traffic jams are extremely bad during weekdays especially during office rush hours. Rush hour is typically defined from Monday to Friday from 0700 to 1000 and 1600 to 2000 in the evening. This will need some getting used to, you can always skip this and hang out at many shopping malls or dining establishments spread all over the city.

Despite of its hustle bustle, you can find a good spa and massage with reasonable price in Jakarta (try to search "spa in Jakarta" in tripadvisor search engine). 

Welcome to Jakarta.