In case You want to try the local indonesia food in restaurant  which popular by the Jakarta People.


Mostly Spicy, full of coconut  gravy (Curry),  speciality is Rendang ( Spicy Beef), Ayam Bakar (Roast Chicken), Ayam Pop (No skin fried chiken), cooked vegetables with gravy, and Gulai Kepala Ikan (Fish head curry). they have unique presentation style, which all the food will be placed in small plate to your table, but don't worry because you only paid what you eat.

Sari Ratu, Natrabu, Garuda or  Sederhana, is some of the most famous chain Padang Restaurant you might find In Jakarta, 



Similar like padang food which is spicy and using coconut gravy, but you may find they use different sambal type as side dishes, they also have different variety of dishes,

The Favourite and famous for the local are, Medan Baru, popular for Gulai Kepala Ikan, Fried Pigeon, Dendeng balado (Spicy Beef Jerk) and, Cucumber Juice.

The other one is Meutia, Famous for Mie Aceh (Fried spicy Noodle), Ayam Tangkap (Fried herb chicken) and Teh Tarik ( Malay Ice milk Tea)