In Jakarta, cineplex businesses are dominated by two prime brand: 21 CINEPLEX and BLITZ MEGAPLEX

21 Cineplex

The oldest of the two big chain, it has THREE distinct cineplex categories which offer different experiences.

The Premiere> Is the chain's interpretation of "gold class" cinema experience, featuring recline chairs, smaller auditorium with limited number of seats. Often appear as the addition to CINEMA XXI brand.

Cinema XXI> Is the chain's premium cineplex joint, appearing in moderate to upscale area and shopping malls.

Cinema 21> the group's regular cineplex joint, appearing in smaller towns and less upscale areas. Tickets here are the cheapest compare the two.

Location: various locations in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, visit website for more information



Blitz Megaplex

Another cineplex joints,  showing movies from mainstream distributor as well as independence movies. They have several products which is offered under one location; such as Gold Class (featuring recline chair, similar service to The Premiere offered by 21 cineplex), Satin Class (select location, less premium than Gold Class), Velvet Class (select location, featuring bed), Dining cinema, and regular cinema.

Location: 6 locations in Greater Jakarta and 2 other in Bandung and Balikpapan