Kelor Island

no roof but the sky.

Kelor island 

Location in text

One of a small island in  Seribu islands up north near Jakarta called Kelor.

Just the next island of Onrust island. It got white sand and clear blue water in common.

Surrounded by wavebreaker to protect the edge. Some trees [not much] and bush spotting.

There is one interesting ancient building, it's a bulwark. It might build by  the Dutch before.

Gps coordinate: 

6° 1' 38.42" S  106° 44' 37.21" E

 The Bulwark


How to get there

Let 's start from Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

So, ask the transport to go to the very end of  Kamal Muara port, it might cost an hour.

See and smell the sea at Kamal Muara with so many traditional fisherman boats, small and medium ones.

And  see Onrust island visible not far in distance.

There's no official boat to go there, but local wise fishermen would take  there across the sea in a very low cost.

While  on the boat,  Try to stare to the right side of Onrust island, and that's it!  Kelor [tiny] island.

This sailing duration might takes 40 minutes.  So,  welcome to Kelor island, and the boat will leave.

Don't forget this one:  make appointment,  what time the fisherman should picking up. Save the mobile number.


Management food and water

This is a small island with no human colony but just visiting, no fresh water no selling any food.

So, bring them before sailing.


Additional wear

No shelter in this island. 

Please bring your own raincoat, umbrella, or tent.

The bulwark has no roof,  but the sky.


Additional environmental wise

Keep this  planet green.

So, please be wise by bringing any trash, garbage etc and put in the garbage bin at Kamal Muara on the way home.



Mobile phone/ cellular, ok.



This place is good for photography. Don't forget to bring the wide lenses.

Inside bulwark 



 Map of Kelor Island