One of the easiest and most convenient ways of getting around Jakarta is to take taxis. Exercise caution when dealing with taxi drivers, as many of them will try to take advantage of tourists. All of the taxi fleet is equipped with meter. Always insist on using the meter rather than settling on a fixed price, as you will end up paying much more than the metered fare. There are 2 type of fare scheme used by regular taxis: regular fare and lower fare (usually identified by "tarif bawah" sticker on the front screen). The lower fare meter runs cheaper than the regular fare. But please note that more foul play cases are reported for taxis with lower fare sticker. Look over the car and driver before getting in and do not hesitate to wave them off if either seems suspicious. There are cases where drivers will attack their customers to get extra money (sometimes with the aid of an accomplice hiding in the backseat or trunk). Also do not allow informal agents on the street to arrange or find transportation for you, as they expect to get paid by both you and the driver.

If it is possible, call for the cabs beforehand. Calling taxi by phone won't attrack extra charge, but please note that there is minimum fare to be paid when you order taxi by phone. One of the more reliable companies is Blue Bird, which can be reached at (021) 7917 1234. There is also an executive taxi service called Silver Bird. Major 3-5 star hotels have dedicated taxi ranks within the premises. Guided tours by private companies via bus are also good ways to see the city.

Public transportation in Jakarta comes mainly in the form of buses, which range from empty, air-conditioned vehicles to crammed, dirty junk piles. There is also a Metro Mini, which is nothing like Western subways; the vehicle is bright orange and not very friendly towards tall people. Mikrolets are vans that seat 10-12 and can travel to the more remote places in Jakarta. The most convenient transport is Transjakarta busses or informally called "busway". Transjakarta is currently operating 8 corridors (more details on connecting several points across Jakarta with dedicated road and bus stops.