There are also public transportation in Jakarta. The newest project, Transjakarta is the series of bus lines operating on certain routes with the bus is running from the right side of the lane in its designated lane. There are 8 corridors in operation and you can move anywhere you like at a flat rate as long as you don't get out of the bus shelter. At the time of updates, it costs Rp3500 per ride. When the first corridor open (between Blok M and Kota), it is the favourite among office workers, but when more corridors open and people only need to pay a flat rate to get to their destination around the city, more and more people use the service and it's somewhat can cause inconvenience because of the crowded buses. For tourist staying in the city center, they can move around the town (such as to Jakarta History Museum near Kota station, Plaza Senayan near Bundaran Senayan station, and Plaza Indonesia near Bundaran Hotel Indonesia station) easily. Now, the busway connect you to virtually any public places in the city such as Ancol recreation park, Ragunan zoo, to Blok M shopping area.  You just need to study where you should study the transfer point and which station you should alight at. See to learn about the routes.

Other public transportation such as public bus (this is different from busway and far more uncomfortable), public vans (Jakartans called it ANGKOT or angkutan kota), Metromini and Kopaja (the public mini buses), Bajaj (India-made bajaj vehicle), and Ojek (motorcycle ride) are readily available. Bus, angkot, metromini, and kopaja are relatively cheap for long distance travel within the city, you just need to know their routes. Bajaj and ojek can be use for shorter destinations and you should ask the fare first before using the service. Haggling is highly recommended for bajaj and ojek.