Taxi Services in Jakarta

Taxis in Jakarta are run by private companies; therefore the fleets are unique and have different colour schemes. There are also several types of taxi; budget, regular, executive, and special taxis. They differ in the kind of vehicle used and in cost.

Budget taxis can be identified by a distinctive 'Tarif Bawah' sticker. This sticker means that this taxi charges the lowest approved fare by the government (FYI, Jakarta government sets up the range of lowest to highest fare for transportation company). However, some people believe that sometimes the drivers cheat on the meter (so that the meter runs faster), bring tourists circling around the city, or even possibly rob passengers (several cases of taxi crime has been reported, mostly by those using this type of taxi, although of course this can happen with any taxi company).

Taxis without 'Tarif Bawah' sticker charge a higher rate. The first 2km is charged at Rp6,000 and  Rp 300 for every subsequent 100meters.

The middle-up class taxi are available by booking through 24hour call center and can be found at the airport, 4 star hotels and lifestyle shopping malls. The meter have a flag fall rate of Rp.7.500 with Rp.440 for every subsequent 100meters.

Executive taxis can be found at the airport, 5 star hotels, and upscale shopping malls. The meter charges are considerably more expensive than regular taxis. The flag fall rate (first 2km) is Rp9,000 with Rp550 for every subsequent 100meters. Hotels can also pre-arrange fixed priced journeys which can be charged to your hotel room.  This is especially convenient for airport / hotel transfers.

Special taxis; are new type of taxi. They use a  fleet of luxury minibus (such as Toyota Alphard) and are suitable for families or groups. However, the fleet is still small and it's hard to spot one on the street. They can be reserved by telephone though.

There are also fixed price transfer in an un-metered vehcles:  the service can be reserved in advance and is usually paid for at a kiosk in the arrivals zone when you check in (your name will be on a board) . As it is a fixed price it may work out cheaper than an executive taxi, if traffic is heavy. Additionally if you want to do so shopping before going to your home or hotel you can hire the vehcile for 3 hours "as directed" and stop off on the way.

When ordering a taxi you need you to pay minimum payment (if the fare on the meter is less than the minimum amount). Also, the passenger is responsible for any toll road charges.


Taxi & Booking Taxi Company Reservation Number

Blue Bird Taxi (blue cab) 021-79171234

Silver Bird Taxi (black cab, premium taxi) 021-7981234

White Horse Premium Cab (black cab) 021-54374078

Express Taxi (white cab) 021-26509000

Tiara Express (maxi-cab style premium taxi)021-26508000

Transcab (orange cab) 021-58355500


Shuttle Buses

Visitors who wish to have a ride to Bandung (capital city of West Java Province) can make use of the many shuttle bus services in addition to regular bus. The shuttle bus runs between several points in Jakarta to certain destination in Bandung. These shuttle bus company offer services between: Jakarta airport to Bandung, Jakarta city to Bandung, and Jakarta airport to Jakarta city. 

Some shuttle pitches their fast ride, while others are more concerned on the safety. The 140km travel distance from Jakarta to Bandung can be very tricky at some lull hours and a discipline driver is the key to avoid any accident. 

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