Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland)

Traveling with family will be fun if all can do things together. For family with young children, a trip to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Recreational Park) will be a treat for everyone. It's located in the northern coast of Jakarta, just few minutes from infamous shopping Mangga Dua area and about 20 mins drive from city center. Tourist on budget might prefer to travel by busway can enter the park directly as a busway terminus is located on-site, just nearby Dunia Fantasi theme park. 

Start your day by visiting Seaworld. Kids will love walking under the glass tunnel of the aquarium, touch the turtle at touch pool, or see they manta ray swimming around them. More sea animals treat can be found at Gelanggang Samudra, opposite from Sea World, where everyone can see the dolphin show, sealion show, and more about sea life creatures. Don't miss to go to the 4D cinema. The newest attraction there.

After having fun with the animals, you can opt for lunch at the one of seaside restaurants. Most of them offer seafood dishes. In the afternoon, head straight to Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World), a theme park for family. It's just like Six Flags but without those roller coasters. At Dunia Fantasi, kids will be entertained by the mascot clowns, and more kiddie rides such as carousel, ferris wheel, flying Dumbo, mini bumper car, and monkey theatre show. Teenagers will love the flume ride, swinging chair, river rapids, and all those rotating rides that will turn them upside down.

If your family longing a beach vacation, staying at onsite Putri Duyung Resort will be a good choice or just escape to one of the islands north of Jakarta (called Thousand Islands). Boat to thousand islands depart from Ancol marina, inside the Ancol park. Information can be obtained from information counters at the marina, the islands head office, or your travel agent. (some of popular islands including Pulau Puteri, Pulau Pantara, and Pulau Bidadari).

Other attraction insideAncol Dreamland including Atlantis waterpark, Golf Course, a Bowling center, Pasar Seni (Art Market) which is the home of several painters, wood carvers, and souvenir stalls selling seashell souvenirs to masks, and the newest attraction, an outbound field. On the onsite beach, there is a cable car ride, Ancol Gondola. On Sunday morning, there is a small bazaar by the beach (called Sunday Market). 

Additional Info:

How to get there? taxi, busway (disembark at Ancol Terminus), car

How far? Approx 20-30mins from city center, 10mins from Mangga Dua

Admission: admission to Ancol park is Rp11,000 for adult (Rp10,000 per adult if travelling by busway). Private car also need to pay admission. Separate admission apply for each attractions (Dunia Fantasi, Sea World, Atlantis, Gelanggang Samudra, Outbound Field, and Cable Car). 


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

In English, it's called Indonesia Beautiful Miniature Park, is a huge ground which showcasing traditional houses from all provinces in Indonesia. Visitors can go inside the house and see some traditional clothing, artefacts from each provinces. Besides traditional houses, visitors can also visit the many museums on-site from Philatelic Museum, Transportation Museum, Reptile house (Museum with distinctive Komodo-like building), up to Science Museum (separate admission apply). There's also a kid's castle (Istana Anak-anak Indonesia), an IMAX theatre (called Keong Mas), various flower gardens (Orchid garden, cactus garden), Bird park, swan ride by the lake, amphithatre, and on-site hostel and camping ground. 

The Park is located near Cibubur area in the East Jakarta, approx 1 hour drive from city center.

Additional Info

How to get there? taxi, car

How far? Approx 60mins from city center, 70-90mins from Mangga Dua

Admission: Admission for adult is Rp9000, car is Rp10,000. Separate admission apply for other attractions such as museums, bird park, skylift (cable car) ride, etc.


Ragunan Zoo

 Is the only zoo in Jakarta. It is located in Pasar Minggu area in South Jakarta and is readily accessible by busway service (the station is just few meters from zoo entrance). It is approx 30-45 mins drive from city center. Special attraction including a Primate Houseand reptile house. Most animals are live inside the cage where visitors can walk in the park and see the animals from one cage to another. The park is usualy packed during holiday seasons.

Additional Info

How to get there? taxi, car, busway (alight at Ragunan station), walk few meters to main entrance of the zoo.

How far? Approx 45mins from city center, 60mins from Mangga Dua

Admission: around Rp5,000 per adult (Separate admission to Primate Center apply).


Taman Safari

 This is another wildlife center located just off of Jakarta city in Cisarua area. It is apprx 1.5 hour drive from city center. In this park, the animals are freely move around a large space. Visitors will stay inside their car and drive along the given path to see the animals. This park also offer animal shows, kiddies rides, photo session with animals, restaurants and eateries, and on-site hotel rooms and caravan for rent. Night safari is held every Saturday Night and Safari trek every weekends. Visit for more information.

This is the fun attraction to visit, especially for family who bring the kids on the way to Puncak (a mountain retreat resort, just at the peak from Taman Safari). 

 You can also get  your photos taken while holding some of the animals.  This is really fun, especially the baby tiger, fully grown cheetah, orangutans, and the snakes!

Note that it gets very crowded here on weekends.  If you stay in the area overnight, you should also think about seeing the Cibodas botanical gardens, and the flower garden in Puncak known as Taman Bunga Nusantara.

Additional Info

How to get there? car

How far? Approx 1.5 hour from Jakarta

Admission: Adult is Rp70,000, child is Rp60,000, car is Rp15,000 (valid for international visitors)


Family Shopping

Shopping malls in Jakarta are mostly family friendly. Most large department store cater for menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, home, and toys department. Kidstation provides all items related to toys and children apparels. Most shopping malls have dedicated children playing area, some even house a carousel, a ferris wheel, and even roller coaster. So never get shocked if malls are the family's favourite spot during the weekends.  


This is a children attraction located inside Pacific Place Mall in South Jakarta, approx 15 mins from city center. This is a new concept of children recreation where inside the complex, the children are treated as adult to do jobs as adult. The children is guided to perform a job, get salary, and can use their salary to buy stuff. It's just like mini-city for children. 

Admission is based on session and is divided by child's age. Parents may also come inside and assist their kids, but are not allowed to participate in any activity. You can check for more information. 

Additional Info

How to get there? taxi, car, busway (take corridor 1 (Blok M-Kota), alight at POLDA METRO station then walk towards the building with Ritz Carlton's lion logo, mall entrance is just opposite the taxi ranks of Jakarta Stock Exchange).

How far? Approx 10mins from city center, 30-40mins from Mangga Dua

Admission: check out