As the archipelago nation’s capital, Jakarta plays host to many national and international festivals.


Java Jazz 

In early March, the city holds the International Java Jazz Festival normally runs for 3-day and draws about 50,000 visitors annually. Many Indonesian and international artists attend and give performances; at least a dozen venues are booked solid from early afternoon to late into the night for the three days of the festival. Most of the hundreds of events that take place during the weekend can be accessed by a day ticket or a festival-long pass, though there are a few shows that require extra admission. Check out the website for more info

Java Soulnation Festival

If jazz is not your type of music, this festival pays tribute to soul, rap, R&B, and hip hop. Normally scheduled on September, there are local artists as well as internationally-recognized ones in the list. (previous guests include Ashanti, Ludacris, and Busta Rhymes). Official website:


JiFFest (Jakarta International Film Festival)

The Jakarta International Film Festival, normally runs for over a week at the end of the year (end of November/early December) and features lots of independent films screenings both made locally and from all over location across the globe. There are a number of workshops for writing film scripts (documentary, fiction, feature, etc), though these are targeted toward native Indonesians (conducted in Bahasa Indonesia rather than English). 


Jakarta Fair 

The Jakarta Fair is held annually to commemorate the anniversary of Jakarta city (which falls on June 22). The festival runs in 1 full month (in between June and July) at Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran (Jakarta Fair Ground at Kemayoran). It traced its existence since 1968 when the first city fair was held in the grounds of National Monument (symbol of Jakarta). It used to be the event for citizen to meet up, sample traditional food, and bought groceries and other stuff at really cheap/promotional price that you can't get anywhere else. But these days, it's just no different than a regular exhibition and trade shows. There is entrance fee (more expensive on weekend) imposed to each  visitor. Facilities including stage for music/band performance, kiddie rides (pay per ride), few large exhibition halls offering various items from electronics, automotives, furnitures, up to food and snacks. Official website

Arts & Crafts

Innacraft (Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair)

There are few arts and crafts fair held in a calendar year, but only few are being held annually; one of them is Innacraf. Normally held in April and runs for the weekend, the fair offers public the chance to meet up directly with craftsmen from all over Indonesia offering various handicrafts and souvenirs. The price is definitely cheaper than what you can find at souvenir stores in Jakarta and negotiation is possible (although more and more sellers start to label their concession stuff to prevent any haggling). Official website