There is perhaps no author more evocative and representative of  Argentina's rich literary world than Jorge Luis Borges.   The Aleph and Other Stories is a recommended book of his short stories that is readily available in english.

Juan Manuel Puig is an Argentine author who is famous for "Kiss of the Spider Woman".  His books "Betrayed by Rita Hayworth" and "The Buenos Aires Affair" are set in Argentina and delicious reads.

 For those with patience and time for contemplation, "Hopscotch" by Argentinean,  Julio Cortazar is a an uncategorizable exploration of the nature of man...and for those without time and patience, heeding the words of Pablo Neruda might be of issue: " Anyone who doesn't read Cortázar is doomed. Not to read him is a serious invisible disease which in time can have terrible consequences." 

For those into music, and who would like to learn more about Argentina's very impressive rock ("Rock Nacional") and psychedelic music scenes, try   "The Magic Land: A Guide to Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock Music between 1966 & 1977 in Argentina and Uruguay", by Marcelo Camerlo and Marcelo Gasio.  Many of the musicians you will read about are still playing in Argentina and are more than worth making an extra effort to see live.


About Argentinian history:

The Myths of Argentine History, by Felipe Pigna.  Easy to read book by a populist Argentine author with a strong point of view.