Expired Visa

Here are some tips on how to pay for expired visa fee and making sure one can cross the boarder. This is a quick list of things incase someone you know finds themselves in same situation.

If your visa expired while still in Argentina...here's what you need to know.

1. Don't look online for help or even the immigration office website, they're not helpful or complete. All you will get will be instructionss to go to the bank to the pay fee but no one in the bank is familiar with the procedure.
2. Leave at least one or two days to figure it out, come on you're in Argentina
3. It isn't as simple as paying a fine if you're planning on traveling out of the country by land. 
4. You'll need to go to an immigration office, sounds pretty straight forward and expected, but not common knowledge
5. The Immigration Office opens at approximately 7AM then closes at 12:30PM, not for a siesta. 
6. Wait on queue where you will be given a form to take to the national bank to pay the fine (600 pesos).
7. You can go back to Immigration Office and wait in line again to have everything cleared if you still have time on that day.
8. If the main boss is not in the office you'll have to wait for him to return so that he can sign the papers and have to hope he comes back before they close. 
9. Afterward, you're given your receipt and the paper with the chiefs signature
10. You're done and can carry on with your adventures

*These are geared towards those who might be facing the same situation and those facing the situation in Salta

*Immigration office in Salta, is Maipu 35, hours 7a-12:30p
*National Banc B. Mitre and Belgrano

-With the new president many changes have occurred including changes on expired visa processing.