Some words of Argentinian Slang or lunfardo (to be continued...)

Afanar: to steal (Ex: Me afane el cenicero del restaurant. /translation: I've stolen the ashtray from the restaurant.)

Amarrete: cheapskate (Ex: ¡Que amarrete, me hizo pagar mi cafe!/translation: That cheapskate made me pay for my coffee!)

Apretar: to make out , to kiss passionatly (Ex: Apretaron adentro del boliche y nadie los vio. /translation: They kissed in the disco and nobody saw them.)

Arrugar: when you stop doing something because of fear (Ex: Se iba a tirar con paracaidas pero arrugo a ultimo momento./ translation: He was going to do a parachute jump, but he panicked at the last minute.)

Bancar: to wait, or to stick with someone at a bad time like a friend or to help (Ex: Si no tienes plata, yo te banco. /translation: If you don't have money, I will lend it to you.)

Berreta: low quality, or " trucho" (use only with things, not with persons) (Ex: Te compratse una campera de cuero trucha./ translation: You bought a low quality leather jacket.)

Boliche: a disco or a bar (only old people refers to a bar saying boliche or bolichito) (Ex: Noche de chicas en el boliche / translation: girls night at the disco)

Bondi: bus (Ex: Tomate el bondi, el subte no te deja./ translation: Take the bus; The subway doesn't go there.)

Boludo and/or Pelotudo: Stupid (vulgar)

Bronca: anger (Ex: ¡Perdí la billetera, que bronca!/ translation: I lost my wallet; I'm furious!)

Cana: policeman (Ex: El cana no estaba en la esquina y me robaron./ translation: The policeman wasn't at the corner so I they robbed me.)

Chabon: a guy, a dude (Ex: Me gusta ese chabon./translation: I like that guy.)

Copado/a: someone or something cool (Ex: Es una amiga muy copada./ translation: She's a very cool friend.)

Currar: "afanar" (Ex: Ese taxista me quiso currar./ translation: That taxi cab driver tried to rip me off.)

Diez puntos ¡Perfecto! (Ex: ¿Como es su lomo? Diez Puntos! /Translation: How is your steak? Perfect! ) 

Dolape: bald (Ex: El dolape es mi marido./ translation: The bald guy is my husband.)

Embole: very boring, dull, bore (Ex: No vayas a esa obra era un embole./ translation: Don't go to see that play. It was very boring.)

Encarar: to try to pick up a girl (Ex: No me la voy a encarar. Ella es muy linda para mi./translation: I'm not going to try to seduce her. She is way out of my league or too beautiful for me (literally).)

Escabio: it means any kind of alcohol or being drunk (Ex: Esta fiesta es un embole, no hay escabio./ translation: This party is very boring. There is no alcohol.)

Facha: an adjective to define a goodlooking man ("Tiene facha", not "es facha") (Ex: No me gusta. No tiene facha./ translation: I don't like him. He is not handsome.)

Fachero: A man who has "facha" (Ex: Tiene un novio re fachero./ translation: She has a very handsome boyfriend.)

Finde: weekend (Ex: ¿Que hacemos el finde?/ translation: What are we doing for the weekend?)

Garca: a person who is trying to take advantage of something or someone, a bad person (Ex: No confies en ese agente inmobiliario, es un garca./ translation: Don't trust that realtor.  He is a bad person.)

Gil: not very clever, not "vivo" (Ex: Siempre lo estafan, es un gil./ translation: They always ripped him off. He is not very smart.)

Hincha pelotas: annoying person or situation (Ex: Tengo que esperar dos horas para entrar, ¡que hincha pelotas!/translation: I have to wait two hours to enter. How annoying!

Inbancable: unbearable person or situation (It's almost the same as hincha pelotas) (Ex: Habló tres horas sin parar, es imbancable./ translation: He talked for three hours non stop. He is unbearable.)

Joder: to bother (Ex: No me joda. Estoy trabajando./translation: Don't bother me, I'm working.)

Jovato/a: an old person (Ex: Ya es jovato para salir hasta las seis de la mañana./translation: He is too old to go out until 6:00 am.)

Mina: woman (Ex: Esa mina es abogada./ translation: That woman is a lawyer.)

Pilcha: it is positive word and it means outfit or clothes (Ex: Es re hueca, solo le importa la pilcha./ translation . She is very shallow. She only cares about clothes.)

Pico: mouth (Ex: Cerra el pico /translation: Close your mouth.) 

Pucho: fag (cigarette) 

Quilombo: a mess (Ex: Mi habitación es un quilombo. No entres./translation: My bedroom is a total mess. Don't come in.)

Rayado: someone who is in a bad mood (literally means with stripes) (Ex: No le hables. Esta rayado./translation: Don't talk to him. He is in a a very bad mood.)

Re: very (Ex: Esto es re copado./ translation: This is very cool.)

Rescatarse: when you try to put yourself together (when you are drunk for example) (Ex: Rescatate que viene un cana./translation: Try to behave yourself. A policeman is walking toward us.)

Trucho: someone or something that is fake or low quality. Also someone "garca" (Ex: No compres eso. Es re trucho./ Translation: Don't buy that. It is very low quality.)

Vaquita: when people collect money to buy something, it can be a present or a meal (literally means little cow) (Ex: Hagamos una vaquita para comprarle el regalo de cumpleaños. / translation: Let's collect some money to buy her birthday present.

Y pico: (Ex: What time is it? son las cinco y pico, or how old is she? treinta y pico (It is like saying thirty something.)

Yuyos, herbs Herbal tea would be té de yuyos. (Ex: Si te duele la panza, tomate un té de yuyos./translation: If your stomach hurts drink herbal tea.)

Zafar: skip a bad situation (Ex: Zafé en el examen, aprobe sin estudiar./ translation: I passed the exam without studying.)

Zarpado: It can be something really good, or it can be someone who is disrespectful or crossing the line (Ex: ¡Que zarpado, se tomó cinco botellas de vino!/ translation: Wow, he drank five bottles of wine!)

Zonzo: dumb  (Ex: ¡Que zonza, me olvidé las llaves!/ translation: What a dummy, I forgot my keys!)